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Amazon Gift Cards 101 – Everything that You Want to Know

With the holiday season knocking at the door, it’s again that time of the year when we have to list up the gifts for our loved ones. You may have already zeroed on the gift for your bestie. But what about others? When it comes to holiday gifts, we are often confused on the perfect gifts for a lot of people on our list. For example, you could be in a dilemma on what to gift your fiancé’s brother since you don’t know him that well yet. Well, in all such confusion situations and dilemmas, the best thing that can save the day is Amazon gift card. It’s an amazing gift and easily relieves you from the guesswork of finding the right gift. Moreover, it also offers the liberty to the recipient to buy anything of his or her choice from the retail giant.

Loaded with more than 80 brands, Amazon is your hub to shop anything that you wish for from A to Z. Whether it’s the gorgeous LBD that you have been saving for or a latest smartphone, you will get everything on this online retail honcho. The post below offers a brief guide on Amazon gift cards.

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Types of Amazon gift cards

Amazon has got gift cards for every occasion. Be it birthday or anniversary or Christmas, you will find customized gift cards for all special occasions. Most of them arrive with lovely messages and heartfelt wishes that make the card even more special. You will even find space to write your own message on the card.

Then there are corporate gift cards that make great gifts at workplace. For example, let’s say it’s the farewell of a dear colleague and you have been given the responsibility to choose the gift. But, what if you are under an overtly packed schedule and have no time to buy gifts? Or, what if you can’t really decide on the most appropriate present? Well, in that case, corporate Amazon gift cards will be awesome.

Apart from special occasion or corporate gift cards, you will also find generic Amazon gift cards. You may buy them in advance to have your gift ready for any upcoming invitation. Just write your message in it to share your heartfelt wishes.

Additionally, you will find Amazon gift cards for specific brands. So, if there is someone who is extremely specific about a particular brand, these gift cards are sure to make his/her day.

Amazon also offers zero value gift cards. You can buy them in advance and then enter your desired amount when you have to send them to somebody. You will often find these zero value cards in sets which also contain message cards and packing boxes.

Amazon gift cards denominations

You will find Amazon gift cards in varying denominations, ranging from $10 to $15 to $25 to $50 to higher denominations like $100 or $500.

Amazon gift cards validity

Each Amazon gift card is valid for 365 days from the date of the purchase.

How to get Amazon gift cards?

There are various ways to get Amazon gift cards.

Buy directly from Amazon

You can always buy Amazon gift cards straight from Amazon. Just type “gift cards” on Amazon search engine and you will be directed to the gift card section. Now, all you have to do is browse through the various categories and select the one that suits you.

Participant retail stores

There are many Participant Retail Stores of Amazon across the whole of the US that offer Amazon gift cards. These stores range from drug stores, convenience stores and grocery stores. You will find varying range of Amazon gift cards there, starting from $15 till $100 denominations. The good thing is you don’t have to pay any kind of purchase fee to buy Amazon gift cards from these stores.

Discounts on Amazon gift cards

Who doesn’t love a discount, especially in the holiday season?

The good thing is the web world is bustling with discounts on Amazon gift cards. There are various sites online that offer discount codes on Amazon gift cards. Just type “discounts on Amazon gift cards” on your favorite search engine and you will get a long list of sites with handy rebates. Then, there are several coupon sites from where you will get promo codes for Amazon gift cards. Sometimes these promo codes offer rebates while at times these codes extend extra value for free. For example, you may get $10 when you purchase a $50 Amazon gift card for the first time.

Free Amazon gift cards

You will be elated to know you can get Amazon gift cards completely free of cost. Yes, it sounds too good to be true but don’t forget the best things in life are always free. There are various ways to get Amazon gift cards without spending a single cent.

Join surveys

One of the most effective and proven ways to attain Amazon gift cards for free is company survey. A lot of businesses conduct surveys to understand customer expectation, needs and behavior. The study further helps them to design their product or campaign accordingly and rake up the sales figures. Thus, they are ready to reward anybody who joins their surveys. You will earn reward points when you complete a survey. These points can be later redeemed for Amazon gift cards.

You will find a lot of such surveys online. A good way to find the best survey sites is to search over the web. Simply type “best survey sites online” and a grand list will come up with the topmost and trusted sites for participation in surveys. You will even find apps today that can track your location and notify you about local stores carrying surveys near your home. You will then simply need to go to the store, offer your feedback and come back with reward points.

Free gift cards through Amazon

Now, there are 3 major ways to get free Amazon gift cards via Amazon only and those are completely legal.

  • Sell stuff to Amazon

Amazon will give you reward points if you are willing to sell out your stuff to the retail honcho. The company has come up with a very convenient “Trade-in-Store” program which offers reward points whenever a customer sells an item on the site. These reward points can be later redeemed for gift cards. You can sell a versatile range of items on Amazon. From Kindle E-readers to books to gaming platforms to smart watches to wireless devices- the site will buy back all these and more.

The “Trade-in-Store” program not only buys back stuff that you have bought from Amazon but also items purchased from somewhere else.

  • Sign up with Amazon Affiliate program

Amazon has come up with an affiliate program called “Amazon Associates”. If you have a blog where you are willing to promote products sold by Amazon, you will earn commissions from the retail giant. Amazon pays handy commissions to its affiliates if they can give buyers to the site.  When you are looking for free Amazon gift cards, you may request the site to pay your commission in the form of gift card.

  • Amazon Mturk

Are you will willing to do some minor tasks for Amazon to receive Amazon gift cards for free? Well, then you can sign up with Amazon Mturk program. The program will pay you every time you will do something for Amazon. It could be as easy as data entry or as simple as carrying online surveys. You will be paid in the form of Amazon gift cards for completing the tasks.

Look for credit card reward points

This is another easy way to earn Amazon gift cards free of cost.

Are you an avid card user? Do you use credit cards almost everywhere, from gas stations to drug stores? Well, then, utilize your credit card usage to something really amazing. Every credit card user receives a certain number of points for using the card on Amazon. Your credit card company will even reward you with reward points for using its card at gas stations, restaurants, drug stores and other commercial outlets. This way, if you can assort around 2,500 points, you can redeem the points for a 25 USD worth Amazon gift card.

Reward points from an app

There is a new app which is offering reward points for selling your items on its platform. Sounds cool, isn’t it? You bet. These reward points can be easily redeemed for free gift cards from Amazon. Besides, there are three other ways to gain reward points from the app-

  • You will get reward points if you are flexible to link your social profile with the app site
  • Interact with fellow members on app platform
  • Refer the app to your friends

Look for GPT sites

GPT sites are the sites that pay you when you do some tasks for them. These sites hold partnership with various businesses. These partner businesses and advertisers often run various campaigns on the site where they reward any site visitor who participates in those campaigns. These campaigns take the form of online surveys, video ads and so on. You have to find a GPT site and complete these minor tasks. After you complete each task, you will receive reward points. You can then redeem these reward points on your Amazon account to receive Amazon gift cards for free.

There are various GPT sites over the web. However, not all are up to the mark. Make sure to go for a reliable GPT site that works with trusted advertisers only. Check out sites that offer expert recommendations on the best GPT sites at present. The one you take to should carry strong reputation in the market and a good list of happy users. Make sure the site is backed by multi-channel communication opportunities so that you can contact it in different ways.

Participate in game testing

This point is especially amazing if you are an ardent gamer. How does it sound to get free Amazon gift cards just for doing something you love the most, i.e. gaming? Awesome, isn’t it? True.

You will be glad to know there are some gaming platforms online which are ready to offer reward points if you test games for them. You can later redeem these reward points for Amazon gift cards. The more you join and test for such sites, greater will be the number of your reward points.

Go to Bing

Would you like to shift to another search engine other than Google? Well, you are in a dilemma now. But what if the search engine is ready to offer you reward points for making search on it? Yes, you heard it right. Bing by Microsoft is giving 5 points for each search one makes on it. If you can mug up as many as 5000 points, you will get a $50 Amazon gift card. When you have such great rewards waiting for you, it would only be wiser to shift to another search engine for a while. You will receive extra reward points for participating in quizzes and offers released by Bing daily.

Redeem Amazon gift cards

The person who will receive the gift card will have to redeem it from his/her Amazon account. Thus, before buy a gift card, make sure your recipient has an account in Amazon. Here are the steps to redeem an Amazon gift card.

  • Locate gift card claim code. If it’s a plastic card, turn to the back & scratch off to reveal your card code. If the card comes in an email, you will find the code in your mail only.
  • Go to Amazon account
  • You will find a tab that says “Apply a Gift Card to Your Account”. Click on it
  • Enter claim code
  • Look for the tab that says “Apply to Your Balance”. Click on it
  • You may type the claim code while you checkout as well

free Amazon  gift card generator

Amazon gift cards have simplified the ambiguity of selecting gifts for various occasions. Occasions such as birthday, wedding anniversary, festivals or any other reason for which you wish to share gifts, Amazon brings amazing gifting ideas for all your celebrations with their gift cards. Everyone loves to be pampered and gifts are a way to say we care. Surprising your friends and family with gift cards gives immense happiness when we share their joy and contentment.

Amazon gift card generator


Few important features of the Amazon gift card generator are:

  • Generates gift card of the denomination which user selected.
  • Interface of the generator is user-friendly and convenient to use.
  • For online generators “.exe” files download is not required.
  • No specialization or technical skills required to operate such tools.
  • The generator tools are regularly updated and scanned to avoid any server downtime.
  • Anti-ban protection enables the user to use generator tool without any apprehension and constrain.
  • The gift cards which are generated are undetectable.

The pleasure of gifting increases when we are able to generate such gift cards without any investment. Amazon is a brand which has myriad of choices for all the categories at the affordable price and is a popular brand name. Gifting a gift card from Amazon is worth gifting. The Amazon online gift card generators are convenient to use and help to get gift cards with various denominations such as 50, 100, 150 etc. These gift cards enable the user to make online purchases from Amazon website. The online gift card code generators help the user to get a unique code which adds balance to the user account and the user can redeem credits immediately.

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Free Amazon gift card

These codes are easy to get via generators by following few simple steps:

  • You can either use the online generator or the one where you have to download the tool.
  • Login to your account, to get the credits.
  • Select the region from where you have logged in by choosing the option from the dropdown as given in the tool.
  • Select the gift card denomination which you wish to generate.
  • The tool is free from human verification.
  • The next step will ask you to complete an offer, after completing the offer you will be provided with unlocking code. The revenue earned from surveys help the users to get gift cards. (Few online generators are available which are free from surveys).
  • Enter the code in the text field in order to unlock the free Amazon gift card.
  • Refer few of your friends (If required).
  • Finally hit on generate an option to add credits to your account.
  • Wait for a couple of minutes, meanwhile generator processes the codes and sorts working codes for you.

Amazon free gift card generators should be used to generate gift cards for personal use only. The team works hard to get such gift cards for the users sometimes from the black market at cheaper rates or from sponsors or from promotional websites.

Free Amazon Gift Card Codes Generator

Gift cards are better than buying gifts as it saves our time from making a selection. It gives an opportunity to the person to whom we are gifting to make his own choice and preferences. Receiving a gift from someone near and dear ones gratify our senses. The gift cards are redeemable online. The online generators are a wonderful idea to make someone happy with such amazing gift cards.

Let’s find out what are the benefits of such free gift cards:

  • Astonishing your friends and family members with a zodiac sign gift voucher.
  • The amount mentioned on the gift card is solely at your discretion.
  • Making few moments cherishing forever by gifting gift cards such as gifting to your siblings for their achievements.
  • It helps people working in corporate to surprise and encourage their employees by giving gift cards for their shining performances.
  • Can fulfill any one’s wish of watching his/her favorite movie by gifting movie ticket vouchers. Amazon has tie-ups with many esteemed movie service providers and sponsors.
  • Few brands exclusively offer special discounts for amazon customers. So gift cards can be redeemed against such offers.
  • You can surprise your beloved or anybody close to your heart by offering spa gift vouchers.
  • These gift cards can be delivered to the recipient’s address.

What makes the Amazon gift card generator tool popular?

The popularity of any product increases with its demand. The demand is the repercussion of its quality and services. Amazon being one of the pioneers in online service provider has maintained its reputation till date. The high reputation of the brand has created the need for gift vouchers or cards. The gift card generator has made many lives happy. These are different from store cards, free shipping promo codes and credit cards. These gift card codes are over all these codes.

Few Highlights of the generator tool are:

  • It provides code without any fabrication of codes.
  • It enables a user with free shopping.
  • Helps to get special coupons without investing a penny.
  • It entitles you to select top brands from the largest retailer stock.

How are the codes generated & how to get free amazon gift cards 

The generator generates the random codes by connecting to Amazon database and then how to get free amazon gift cards codes from it? After the connection has been established the tool searches for unused codes. Few generators generate codes provided by sponsors. Also few get it from the black market at lower cost. The generators which are survey oriented get the codes from the revenue generated by the surveys. So there are various ways through which codes are generated. These codes could be redeemed online instantly at Amazon website.

Demerits of Generators:

Pros and Cons are the basic rules of the life. So does these online generators. Sometimes few codes which we get are found to be non-working. Few tools are restricted to three uses in a day.

But apart from above demerits, online generators can be used to accomplish your desires. The Amazon gift card codesare safe to use as theses codes are verified manually and scanned in order to avoid any harmful virus or malware attacks to your system or devices.

Be happy and spread happiness with Amazon gift cards.

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