Check Amazon gift card balance

Amazon check gift card balance

Selecting a gift for every occasion could truly be a daunting task if you are not sure whether your gift would be appreciated and the receiver of the gift really likes what you give them. No one wants to give useless or meaningless gifts. You want your gifts to be of use to your friends and relatives. So what better way to gift them than gifting them the choice of choosing their own gifts. Yes, giving them a gift card will give them opportunity to choose what they want and when you give a gift card from a shopping retail giant like Amazon, you are opening up a world of opportunities to them.

Check Amazon gift card balance

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What are Amazon gift cards?

As the name suggests Amazon gift cards are purely gift cards with denominations ranging across 50,100, 150, etc. and they are available in the same currency as the country from which you are logging in from. The cards are nothing but a code, which is a combination of alphabets and numbers and can be used to give you the required amount of fund credit into your Amazon account so that you can make a purchase against it. In the case of Amazon, the gift card holds a 16 digit hyphenated alpha numeric code, which is unique to each card. For instance a gift card of $50 will give the gifted to make a purchase worth $50 using the same.

Getting the gift cards

There is no restriction on who and when one can buy the Amazon gift cards. All you need is an account with Amazon and the required money to get yourself or your loved ones a gift card from this retail giant. The online site even offers you multiple options on the kind of gift cards you need along with the option to include a personalized message or a photo to the gift card.

There are also gift cards that are designed for every occasion that you can choose from. Once you have selected the gift cards, you can just use your credit or debit card to pay for the same and check out like any other shopping in the site. The gift card is delivered on mail to you in a span of 15 minutes from the time of successful payment of the same.  You will be providing an email id to get the gift card delivered. So if you are looking to gift someone, you can just provide their email id and the card will reach them directly.

Is there an expiry to the gift card?

Unfortunately yes, the gift cards from Amazon do come with an expiry date. They are valid only for the first 12 months from the time of their purchase post which they become null and void. The company sends a reminder email to those who receive the gift cards on the expiry, one month earlier and also 15 days prior to the actual expiry date. The funds that expire from gift cards cannot be claimed later.

How to check the balance on Amazon gift card?

In order for you to check balance on amazon gift card, you have to first login to your Amazon account. In case you don’t have one, you have to sign up with the same email as where you have received the gift card and login.

Of course the other option is to make your purchase and at the time of check out, choose the redemption of gift card as a mode of payment to know how much is getting credited from the gift cards. In the early days, it was not possible to check the balance on these gift cards and you will know it only when you purchase and redeem these gift cards against the purchase. In fact the only option was to try making a purchase to see the total in your gift card account.

However, the tables have turned now for there are options to check for your gift card balance on Amazon easily. You can now simply login to your Amazon account and, click on the option marked as “View your balance”. This will automatically take you to the screen where you can see the amount left in your account by the gift card.

What can you do and cannot do with Amazon gift cards?

Amazon gift cards can be use for any purchase you make on Amazon, and if there is more to be paid you can always choose an additional payment option like your debit or credit card during checkout. While there is no restriction on what you can purchase with your gift card, there is of course a stipulation that you cannot use one gift card to buy another. You can even use the Amazon gift cards to make purchases in Kindle. But you cannot use the gift card balance to buy any kind of apps or other digital content.

Amazon gift cards can also be not redeemed on other partners of Amazon . It is applicable for redemption only in the Amazon website. You can also not transfer an Amazon gift card to another Amazon account and neither can it be redeemed for the cash value. There is no limitation on the number of cards one can buy or on the denomination it can be bought in.

The Amazon gift cards are not associated with any kind of maintenance fee or charges. However, if the cards are not used within the year of purchase, then they expire, and there will not be any amount refunded to the buyer of the gift cards by Amazon.

Unlike the many different gift cards in the market, the Amazon gift cards opens up a plethora of opportunities and products to choose from for your purchase. And with denominations as high as 20k in the local currency available to you, there is no limit on what you want your loved ones to get. Get yourself or your loved ones a gift card from Amazon for the special occasion!