Amazon chase card review

A simple cash back card, offered by the Chase bank, where the rewards can be redeemed against your purchases in Amazon, the Amazon chase card is definitely a good to hold for those customers whose ultimate shopping destination is Amazon. It simplifies the need to hold more credit cards in your wallet and lets you enjoy a single card for payment at any outlet that allows Visa cards. However, unlike the other conventional visa cards, this card comes with its own list of benefits for the customers.

Amazon chase card review

Advantages of using the Amazon chase card

  • No fee: A major disgruntling proposition with every credit card is the annual maintenance fee that is charged to you but with the Amazon chase card, you can forego that for it doesn’t charge you any annual fee.
  • Signup bonus: The minute your card is approved you are rewarded with a bonus point of $50 to your card account immediately and you can use it without any restriction upon receipt of your card. This amount can go further up if you are a prime member at Amazon.
  • Cash back: Every purchase you make at will earn you cash back of 3% for regular customers and 5% for prime customers in the form of reward points. Additionally since this card can be used in any outlet that accepts Visa cards, you also get to enjoy cash back or reward points in every transaction which can range from 1%-2% based on where you use it. These reward points can then be redeemed for any purchase in Amazon and there is no minimum threshold limit for using these reward points to make a buy.
  • Flexible: The fact that unlike the store cards, the Amazon chase card allows you to use it everywhere from restaurants to drugstores to gas stations make it a more versatile and flexible card. It is a one card fits all categories where the simple credit card can take care of all your shopping needs. And if you love Amazon, all the more reason to have the Amazon chase card in your wallet.

When there is a pro, there ought to be a con and with the Amazon chase cards it is in the form of the APR which some might find to be really high. Other than that, there is no real noticeable drawback to find in this cash back credit card.

While the card is issued on behalf of Amazon gift card , not all customers will be able to receive the card. The card is issued only to those who have a good credit rating and is approved only basis the credit worthiness of the client. So if you do not have a good credit rating then you may not be given this card.

In simple words, the Amazon chase card is apt for those who do a lot of shopping in Amazon and are looking for a card that can be used at multiple outlets freeing them of multiple cards.


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